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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slow news day

Well since I got to the point of having FreeRTOS working I haven't felt the need to push ahead quickly on my carpet rover.

The next step is to write some from scratch code to control the servos. I can't use Procyon Library routines without have to modify the header of timer.h - interrupt #7 gets stomped by both timer.h and FreeRTOS's header files. Instead of creating potentially unstable situations, I'm just going to write my own servo code and leave FreeRTOS alone.

OT: I've been cleaning up "the lab" - got to the point were I can vacuum it even! Otherwise been engaged with seting up new WRT54GL Wifi router with WPA security and then configuring 2x eee pcs, brother's PC's wifi, and sister's Palm TX with wifi.

Being able to make custom Cat5e "in-house" proved a boon for setting up the Wifi router in a nice location.

I've been playing with the eee pc a lot - nice machine with a decent distro - once you set up a few more repos the think is easy to play with - picasa / ff3 etc etc. A certain owner of one of them is forming an addiction to Frozen Bubble!

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