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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Channelling Mother Earth

Seems I have a problem with the Earth.....the Earthing of my bot that is.....

At first glance the dodgy connection on the UART is causing it but I think that is a smoke screen for an earthing issue elsewhere that is related to the Mega32 reset pin not letting it start up on occasion (especially when the ISP head isn't plugged in to control the reset pin).


Apart from that, tonight I've started implementing better collision avoidance. I'm using random numbers between 0-9 to determine what behaviour to implement when an obstacle is detected.

I chose to use a range so that I could weight the probability of which behaviour occurred as well as have the resolution in decision making to add new behaviours (like a little bit left, bit more left than that etc etc).

That is the plan, I am sure I'll need to iron out a few bugs before it works as expected.

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