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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandaboard Cooling

It is Summer in Australia and about 31 degrees Celsius where I am.

The above setup is a 80mm PC case fan plugged into 12V.

Surprisingly it cools the OMAP4/RAM package from the point where I cannot touch it to a point where I can place my finger on it.

If choosing direct heatsinking of the CPU/RAM package consider that the WiFi and Bluetooth are in close proximity and their antenna configuration may be affected by metallic (ferrous) objects.

UPDATE - 13 March 2011:

In a room which is ~27 degrees Celsius the PandaBoard CPU is measuring ~54 degrees under Xubuntu idle load (both cores ~5% ultilisation)


CumQuaT said...

Do you have comparison data of before and after scenarios running something like 3D graphics?

Dingo_aus said...

I'll check that out this weekend and post the results back here - a really rough guess would be about a 15 degree Celsius difference

David Sanz Kirbis said...

Have a look at this post:

David Sanz Kirbis said...
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