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Thursday, July 28, 2011

PandaBoard Webserver

It is quite easy to run an Intranet or Internet webserver on a PandaBoard running Ubuntu. Therefore this tutorial assumes you are running Ubuntu on your Pandaboard. If you are running from an SD card and have space or speed issues you can always run from a USB harddrive (see my set up here: )

Running a webserver will allow other users on your network or the Internet to access webpages and anything else you wish to serve such as Nagios statistics, OpenKM servers, security camera footage etc.

For this process I will use Apache running on Ubuntu 10.11.

This also applies to a BeagleBoard running Ubuntu.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

HowTo: Run an OpenKM Server on PanadaBoard

This post assumes you are running Ubuntu on your Pandaboard and have access to the Internet Gateway sufficient to allow direct port access between your server and the Internet.

OpenKM is Knowledge Management software which stores files and your chosen metadata around those files.

It acts similar to Sharepoint in the way you can upload, check in, check out, lock documents etc. It has workflow management, search, etc etc