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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Changing the Opto EndStop for Prusa/GRBL to Allow 5V signals

Having built the version 7 Opto Endstop that is the RAMPS standard for Prusa and other RepRaps I recommend a slight change to the circuit.

The official circuit is:

R1 needed to be lower than 180 ohms for some of my sensors to allow full saturation of the detector base.

You could go with a 100 ohm resistor instead of 180 ohm.

Sub note, the only difference between the Vishay TCST 1103 and the Vishay TCST 2103 is that the latter has an extra plastic flange to make mounting easier. The actual electronics are the same:

TCST 1103:

TCST 2103:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Using the Raspberry Pi as a sound card


The Raspbery Pi 1 B board is fully capable of adding sound to your next project.

I have several Raspberry Pi 1 boards lying around not doing much since they were replaced by Raspberry Pi 2 boards.

I have decided to use them as general purpose sound generation boards in my projects.

I initially thought of playing back MP3 files over a speaker in response to serial commands.

I have now added the concept of on the fly (not prerecorded) TTS (Text to Speech).

Combining with Vision Processing (OpenCV)