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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oculus Rift SDK 0.7 compatible Titles

The release of the really nice new SDK and Runtime for Oculus Rift (0.7) was a great step up for DK2 users.

The stability and speed improvements were a wonderful surprise. The main downside was it broke compatibility with pre 0.6 SDK applications.

Here is a Reddit list of currently claimed 0.7 compatible applications for the Oculus Rift DK2 running runtime 0.7.

08:46 Oculus Share N/A
7 Nanocycles N/A Oculus Share N/A
AltspaceVR Official N/A
ARK: Survival Evolved STEAM << N/A
ATLASrift Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
Blackbox N/A Oculus Share N/A
BLAST BUSTER Developers Website N/A
Blocked In Developers Website Official N/A
CastleCoaster N/A Oculus Forums N/A
CAT Interstellar Developers Website Steam N/A
Chemistry Experiment VR Facebook page Oculus Share N/A
Coffee Without Words Developers Website Google Drive N/A
Convrge Official Oculus Share N/A
Crystal Rift N/A Steam N/A
Crashed Lander Official Steam N/A
Crystal Rift N/A Steam N/A
Darkfield Alpha - Sneak peak N/A Oculus Share N/A
Deo Favente Demo Developer Website Mega N/A
Dimensional Developer Website Developer Website N/A
Dirt Rally N/A Steam N/A
Distance Steam Need to enable experimental-vr branch of game after purchase
Dolphin VR N/A Dropbox Command Line Arguments Needed
Doors of Silence N/A Oculus Share N/A
Dreadhalls Developer Website Developer Website N/A
Endless Dead Official Website Demo N/A
Endless Labyrinth N/A Oculus Share N/A
Enterprises N/A wearvr N/A
Escape from Wizard Island tesseract Oculus Share N/A
Euclidean Demo Official Website Demo (Dropbox) N/A
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Developers Website Steam N/A
Final Strike Official Website Download N/A
Firefox Nightly (for WebVR) Official N/A
Flying Aces VR N/A N/A
FlyInside FSX N/A Official Website N/A
FlyInside P3D N/A Official Website N/A
Golf Masters Official Website Download N/A
Gravitas VR N/A N/A
I Expect You to Die N/A Oculus Share N/A
InCell Official Steam N/A
InMind N/A Steam N/A
Janus VR Official Official Website N/A
Kolor Eyes VR Player Official Site Download N/A
Korix Official Official Website N/A
Live for Speed Official Website Official N/A
Lucid Arch Dreams N/A Developers Website N/A
Lunar Flight Developers Website Steam N/A
Martello Tower Z N/A Oculus Share N/A
MaxVR N/A Oculus Share N/A
MocuMocuDance Developers Website N/A
MushroomBallVR - beta Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
My Neighbour Totoro VR N/A Oculus Share Some reported issues
Neuro Developers Website Oculus Share Yes
NewRetroArcade Developers Website Google Drive v4.0
Nighttime Terror Official Oculus Share N/A
No Limits 2 Official Steam N/A
Picard's Quarters N/A Developers Website N/A
Plane9 N/A Official Website N/A
Play Pit demo N/A Oculus Share N/A
PonyVRVille from /r/ponyvrville/ Developer Website Google Drive N/A
prepar3d Flight simulator N/A N/A N/A
Project Cars Official Steam N/A
Q01 - a simple 3D platformer N/A wearvr N/A
Quake for Rift (Quakespasm Rift) N/A github N/A
RGBVerseVR N/A Oculus Share N/A
Ruins of Kr├╝ger play in VR Developer Website N/A
Senza Peso "optimized version" N/A Oculus Forums N/A
Sightline - The Chair Official Oculus Share N/A
Spirited Away N/A Oculus Share Some reported issues in Windows 10
StreetView VR Official Official N/A
Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit- The Virtual Reality Experience Developers Website Official N/A
Technolust beta N/A Purchase Page N/A
TekRok N/A Oculus Share N/A
Territory Defense N/A Oculus Share N/A
The Grid Of Gaia Official << N/A
The Ice Princess Experience 2.0 N/A Oculus Share N/A
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux N/A Steam Info Here
Time Machine VR Developers Website Steam N/A
Titans of Space Official Oculus Share N/A
Tokyo Warfare Developers Website Mega N/A
Unreal Paris (FPS fix here) N/A Developers Website N/A
Valiant Official Oculus Share N/A
Virtual Desktop Official Developers Website N/A
Voxel Paint N/A Via Oculus Share N/A
VR Chat Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
VROOM: Aerie N/A Steam N/A
World of Diving Developers Website Steam N/A
Whirligig Video Player Developers Website N/A N/A
Windlands Guardians Of The Wind Mega N/A
Ziran: Passage to Nature Developers Website Oculus Shar

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