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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A good office lunch idea

Great idea for an Aldesko Office Lunch

If you have have a fridge/freezer and a sandwich press then this is my recommended toasted Cheese Sandwich recipe.

The strong benefits of this recipe is that everything can live in the work fridge/freezer. You should be able to prepare, toast and eat in under 12 minutes and there is almost no clean up.


Cheese - A strong Vintage or "Bitey" type cheese that is already sliced.

Bread - Well bread is bread

Butter/Margarine - I go with Margarine because I don't have time to soften butter out of the fridge.

Italian Herbs 

Fruit Chutney

Baking Paper

Cutting Board/Plate

(Box to place everything into in the fridge to stop co-workers moving your cheese:) )


Pull bread from the feezer and grab two slices. Measure out enough baking paper to fold around a single piece of bread.

'Butter' the insides of the two pieces of bread. Sprinkle a small amount of Italian Herbs onto the bread. Place one slice of cheese one on one piece of bread and then smear a small amount of Fruit Chutney over the cheese (add more if you want more sweetness).

Place both pieces of bread together and then butter the outside of the sandwich. Only butter slightly as this is just to golden up the bread. Too much will have the sandwich slipping around the press.

Fold the sandwich into the Baking Paper and place in the sandwich press until golden brown on the outside, and hopefully nice and melty inside.

Once golden brown, take off heat. Use your baking paper to slide it onto your cutting board/plate.

Whilst waiting for sandwich to melt, pack away the cheese, chutney and butter into your fridge or box inside the fridge.

Turn off sandwich press - it is done with now. There should be no mess or clean up.

Take sandwich out of the baking paper and throw baking paper away.

Eat and enjoy!


For an additional flavour hit, try replacing the Italian Herbs with Paprika.

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