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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Unreal and Blender - Script for Collision volumes

I am now maintaining my Blender script at Github:

This script for Blender will duplicate take your map / level / scene in Blender and take the necessary steps to us it with collisions in Unreal.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Update on Serval Wireless Mesh project

The Serval Project folk are reporting of the success that they have had in Vanuatu.

Worth a read about how they are deploying a wifi based network on the islands

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Defective Asus GTX1070


I recently purchased an Asus GTX1070 which booted, POST'd (sort of) but would not load Windows 10. It was defective and a replacement sorted it out.

The most important symptom is the BIOS/UEFI POST being in the wrong (non-native) resolution.

Long version:

I tried 30+ hours of changing settings, trying different things.

  • turning off Windows Fast Boot
  • UEFI only booting
  • non-UEFI legacy / compatibility only booting
  • Isolating the hardware in two machines to bare minimum (disconnecting SATA devices etc)
  • Two fresh installs of Windows 10
  • At least 4 different versions of the Nvidia Drivers, using DDU to uninstall the previous drivers in Safe Mode between installs.
  • Modifying window's power settings to maximum performance
  • turning off onboard Audio in BIOS
  • turning off VT-d in BIOS
  • running on a known-good installation of Windows 10, as well as a fresh install (twice)
  • resetting BIOS to defaults by clearing the RTC clock jumper and the RTC battery
  • Pulling and replacing RAM
  • Upgrading the Motherboard BIOS on both tested machines to the latest official bios versions.
  • Checking with the official ASUS tool that the Video Card VBIOS was up-to-date (which it was)
  • Updating Windows 10 to version 1709 (Fall Creator edition)
  • Changing the monitors, and trying different HDMI and DVI-D cables.
Nothing worked to alter the outcome.

In the end it was just defective card.

My motherboards were an Asus P8Z68-M PRO and a Asus H97-M Plus

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blender Skeletal Mesh Export to Unreal Engine 4

Notes on exporting animations from Blender to UE4

The FBX exporter takes note of where the meshes are when the exporter is run. Therefore it is important to have a frame selected (frame 0) that represents the Meshes in "normal" state.
Skeletal mesh will read which frame is currently selected when the exporter is run.

UE4 - Re-importing will work for mesh geometry changes.

UE4 plays animations back at 30FPS. Blender Defaults to 23.98, set it to 30 FPS.

Character Interaction
* Character Interaction requires a 1m offset in the mesh for doors

Friday, July 21, 2017

Recent Work for Community UE4 project Descension

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Robotic Pizza

We are now seeing move innovation closer to the customer involving food preparation robots.

The TechCrunch video linked below is a taste of what the startup Zume is doing with pizza preparation.

Beyond using robots to assist with the pizza creation process they are also looking to have mobile ovens baking the individual meals as it is transported to the user.

This will mean resources can be shifted from repetitive manual labour in this particular process and moved to higher value work in growing/raising higher quality ingredients.

SpaceX Launch

28th successful SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

SpaceX have continued with launching commercal payloads into orbit with their 28th sucessful launch of the Falcon 9.

They commenced the launch of Satellite communication company Iridium's new constellation of communication satellites.